• Comfort....

    Our automotive window films reject up to 70 percent of the sun's heat, reducing the interior temperature in your vehicle.

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  • Safety....

    Automotive window film will hold tempered glass together and lessen the possibility of injury if you are in an accident.

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  • Security....

    With our safety / security films applied, the opportunist thief is less likely to succeed with any break in

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Professional Mobile Window Tinting - All Star Tints are the specialists in all types of window tinting for your Car, Van, MPV or 4X4. Our Window Tinting Films are available in a range of shades, to suit your car and your choice. Having your car windows tinted offers safety, security, privacy and style for any vehicle.

How to Book Your Window Tinting - Simply chose the shade of window tint you require then call or text us on 07833 704 921 and we can arrange a booking to have your windows tinted.

A Range of Shades
- We have a range of window tint shades available to choose from to match your requirements, style and colour of your car.

Here at All Star Tints we pride ourselves on going the extra mile, to meet customer's needs and musts. Our unique window tinting installation techniques coupled with the best window tint films and equipment available ensure that you get the finest installations available every time.

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